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expansion of r&d tax credit services

Expansion of R&D Tax Credit Services

FPM, part of the AAB Group is delighted to announce today, Monday 31st October, the expansion of our R&D Tax Credit Services with the acquisition of May Figures Ltd, a leading R&D Tax Credit provider in

R&D Tax Relief

Protect your Innovation

FREQUENTLY ASKED BUSINESS QUESTION I own two newsagent and confectionery shops and trade through a limited company. I am constantly getting unsolicited phone calls and emails from people purporting to be ‘Research and Development (R&D) experts’

manufacturing companies in ireland - R&D Square Image

R&D Tax Relief for Manufacturing Companies in Ireland

Manufacturing companies in Ireland who undertake qualifying research and development activities can avail of generous R&D tax credits, however, it is important to ensure that the R&D activities are qualifying and can be substantiated, explains FPM


Unlock Your Innovation

'Innovation is vital for any business who wants to move forward'. Did you know... The average Research & Development (R&D) Tax Claim in 2019 resulted in tax savings of £59,941! Just consider that for a moment...

R&D Tax Credits, High speed studio photography, moment of the impact of a bullet on a classic electric bulb. Detail of glass explosion, blue and purple lighting. Concept of obsolete energy.

R&D Tax Credits – Do you have a Trusted Advisor?

In recent times, we have become aware of a number of firms approaching both clients and non-clients in respect to the availability of R&D tax credits in their business.  From what we have seen these firms


Could your business benefit from R&D tax relief?

More businesses than ever are seeking to adapt operations and business models as they prepare to cope with technological developments, competitive pressures and the changes that Brexit will bring. For many, innovation will be part of

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