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Innovation & R&D Taxes

We can help with:

  • Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits – UK & Ireland
  • Grant Funding Applications – UK & Ireland
  • Innovation Assessment of Projects
  • Innovation Strategy
  • R&D Record Keeping
  • Patent Box - UK
  • Knowledge Development Box – Ireland

Unlocking Research & Development Potential & Helping Innovative Businesses Grow

Innovation is a driving force for ambitious businesses, as it stimulates growth and improves productivity.

Research & Development (R&D) tax credits are the government’s generous incentive to encourage innovation and reward the time and investment businesses put into creating or improving products, processes or services. R&D can result in significant tax savings whether you are paying tax, loss making or in receipt of grant assistance towards R&D activities.

We have used FPM for the last 5 years to assist and submit our R&D Tax Credit schedules. An initially daunting task was made substantially easier by FPM’s professional input and the efficient manner in which schedules were reviewed and submitted. Our R&D activities are now streamlined which has allowed us to capture all qualifying R&D costs and enhance the R&D relief.

Sean Maxwell, Financial Controller, Western Brand Poultry Products (NI) Ltd.

In the past 7 years over 300,000 claims have been made and £26.9bn in tax relief claimed. However, many eligible businesses are put off by the Research & Development preconception and as a result are missing out on the opportunity to claim relief.

From our years of experience, we have found that most businesses across the entire business spectrum are innovating and eligible for the R&D relief scheme. In simple terms, whatever your size or sector, if you have made changes in your business which took some thought, some time and some testing, it’s time to talk to us about R&D.

Our R&D Tax Credit specialists, led by Colleen Flanagan, work with innovative companies in all industries across the UK and Ireland, and have created a slick and quick process to ensure our clients achieve the maximum benefit from their innovation activity, every time! We’re proud of our 100% success rate on claims submitted.

FPM work alongside industry experts and liaise with HMRC and the Revenue Commissioners on a daily basis, which means we are readily placed to assist you across a wide range of areas including:

  • Identifying activities which qualify for relief
  • Establishing the eligible expenditure
  • Analysing and mitigating the impact of grants
  • Preparing a robust claim and the supporting documentation

Our expertise and advice has helped clients pay for new equipment, new buildings, team expansion or even their other accountancy fees! All in all, by bring our client’s ideas to life, it helps to keep businesses growing, innovating and moving forward.


Empowering Business Growth,

Business Advisory


Malachy McLernon