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Our People

FPM An AAB Group Company


FPM An AAB Group Company


FPM An AAB Group Company


Our People are our Greatest Strength.

Meet our highly competent and effective team. Working for our client’s success. Always.

Our People:

Gary Digney

Partner |FCA, PG, DIP, PIP |

What is your job role?

As a Partner within FPM, Licenced Insolvency Practitioner, Chartered Accountant and mediator with 14 years’ experience working with lenders, as well as individuals and companies in financial distress, I lead our Irish Restructuring and Recovery Team and deliver debt solutions. I am also authorised by the Insolvency Service of Ireland to carry on practice as a personal insolvency practitioner.

With experience in all types of insolvency procedures, I believe that many more businesses and individual’s assets could be saved by the combination of creative analysis and negotiation skills, alongside the use of informal and formal insolvency procedures where appropriate.

Securing a number of significant landmark deals for my clients, which have been called ‘game changers in debt resolution’ by experts, we are able to offer a lifeline to clients who are asset rich but cash poor and in danger of losing their livelihood and homes. By devising an achievable, ethical, regulated and creative turnaround programme via both informal and formal insolvency procedures, we deliver a way forward which is in the interest of both client and lenders.

Resolving all forms of debt in UK and Ireland including residual debts due on mortgages and vulture fund debt, our team have been successful in achieving debt write offs in the millions.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I sit on the Board of Newry Chamber of Commerce.

Outside of my professional career, I am a husband, father of four and manage the underage teams in my local GAA club saval.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

“The most important thing to do, if you find yourself in a hole, is to stop digging.” This advice is particularly apt for those who find themselves in financial difficulty. The earlier you seek the right financial advice, the better the chances of constructing a plan to ensure business survival.

What drives you?

Making a real difference to my client’s lives and delivering the best solution for the client’s needs, that enables them to sleep at night and get back to living.

Teresa Campbell

Partner |FCA, BSc |

What is your job role?

No day is ever the same for me in FPM. As Partner, I am responsible for leading a team who continually drive and enhance our service, designed to provide independent assurance on the facts and figures, but also add value of best practice and system efficiencies to help clients build a better business.

With 19 years supporting businesses of all sizes and sectors, my aim is to help clients shape their strategy and achieve their desired future direction, supporting them to prosper and grow. I also regularly lead Public Sector engagements which could range from Economic Appraisals to Governance Reviews and Project Evaluations, providing Government bodies the assurance expected of them that public money is being spent how it should be and achieving maximum impact.

At FPM we have been successful in building an exceptionally talented team. In my role as People & Culture Director it gives me great pleasure to help shape the culture of FPM, creating an environment which empowers people to discover their full potential and develop into, not just great accountants, but exceptional business advisors.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I enjoy being proactive in my local community and have a particular interest in education.

I am a member of the Governing Body of St Catherine’s College Armagh and am inspired by the outstanding work and commitment of the governors, teachers and parents in the vital role they play in shaping the future for our schools and pupils.

As a member of St Vincent De Paul, I also enjoy volunteering with the local conference and being part of their shops committee. With a busy work schedule, it is humbling to witness the fantastic work so many volunteers give to our local community.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

It’s very simple.  The only way to do great work, is to love what you do, everyday!

What drives you?

What continues to drive me is being surrounded by an incredibly talented team who live and breathe our core values every single day! I count it a privilege to work on a platform which allows me the opportunity to engage with staff at all levels, from new recruits to Senior Managers – to coach and empower ‘Team FPM’ to be the best they can be, so in turn they provide ‘best in class’ client solutions.

Paddy Harty

Partner |FCA, B Comm |

What is your job role?

Having worked in the accountancy industry for over 30 years, I continually strive to solve complex tax issues and help shape the future of our clients by protecting their wealth. Tax is constantly changing and becoming more and more complex, making for an interesting space to work in. Over the years, I have seen time and time again, the difference regular engagement with tax specialists makes to the success of a business, in terms of understanding the business and personal tax implications of corporate decisions.

Tax savings can only be achieved if an appropriate course of action is planned in advance, so I take a proactive approach to helping my clients structure their financial affairs in the most tax efficient manner possible. It’s important in my role to quickly understand a client’s tax needs. By listening carefully and getting to the core of what is required, our award-winning tax team are able to deliver Irish and UK tax solutions, often where other advisors cannot.

I work with a varied portfolio of corporate and personal clients on tax structuring, usually encompassing complex UK, UK/Ireland or international taxation issues. I also provide advice on capital taxes including Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Acquisition Tax in both the UK and Ireland.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Sadly, I enjoy reading tax and financial press. I have had numerous tax articles published in ‘Taxation’, ‘Tax Point’, ‘Accountancy Ireland’ and various accountancy journals. In addition to this, I am co-author of ‘The Tax Implications of Business Recovery and Insolvency in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK aimed at tackling the current issues still facing businesses in the wake of the financial crash.

I am the Immediate Past Chairman of Chartered Accountants Ireland Northern Ireland Tax Committee and a Commissioner for Carlingford Lough.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

You must consider all taxes when approaching a tax planning assignment and don’t just focus on a single area such as income tax.

What drives you?

It’s incredibly rewarding helping businesses and individuals through their many twists, turns and challenges! Tax flows through almost everything we do. Whether it’s personal ambitions or business objectives, every decision needs to be carefully thought through to understand the possible tax implications.

Feargal McCormack Managing Partner of FPM

Feargal McCormack

Managing Partner |DSc honoris causa, F.I.M.C, FCA, B.Sc (Econ) |

What is your job role?

My core priority when I founded FPM back in 1991 is the same as it is today – to empower colleagues and clients to be future ready by delivering business growth and wealth solutions, which help them achieve their lifetime ambitions.

My role, as Managing Partner of FPM is to lead, mobilise and energise our most vital resource – people, and to foster a culture of trust, diversity & inclusion that inspires confidence in seeking opportunities and supports greatness amongst the team.

My life journey has provided me with an opportunity to work in partnership and collaboration with a broad range of businesses and organisations, to help them succeed. Everyone from sole traders to major international corporations. I take great pleasure in going the extra mile and exceeding their expectations. Spending my days talking to interesting people about their business enables me to observe, network and have access to passionate leaders and people who have made a positive impact on society.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I am fortunate to have held senior leadership responsibilities across a range of business, not-for-profit, sporting, community and church organisations, including my most recent role as President of Chartered Accountants Ireland 2018/19.

In my experience, leadership is centred on agility to embrace technology and changing market conditions, coupled with the ability to deliver change. To put it simply, I believe that in order to ensure sustainability and survival, we must innovate, or we will evaporate.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Always focus on the positive and endeavour to make a difference, being the best you can be, in whatever you do. Above all else, enjoy the journey and have fun.

What drives you?

I gain much satisfaction from making a difference to clients and enhancing their success by being their most trusted business advisor. That is, joining them in the room when strategic decisions are being made.

Making a different to the community and your professional, for me, should be a standard part of life. That is why it greatly humbles me when awarded by my peers or invited as keynote speaker to share my experiences and support them on theirs.

Awards and Honours

  • Lifetime Achievement Award, AIB Business Eye Awards, 2022
  • Accountant of the Year, Irish Accountancy Awards, 2019
  • Partner of the Year, British Accountancy Awards, 2018
  • Honorary Degree for Commitment to Society through Business, Economic, Social & Community Development, Ulster University, 2018
  • PKF Diamond Award for People Development Achievements & Contribution, PKF International, 2016

Karen Coulter

Director |FCA, BSC, ATT |

What is your job role?

I have a varied role as Director within FPM. I am part of the audit leadership team which involves helping clients excel in their compliance obligations and overcome their business challenges. It also involves devoting time to coach and empower our team, which is key to building a sustainable business.

In my capacity as Head of Audit Technical, I enjoy getting stuck into the detail, keeping up with increasingly complex compliance requirements and generating fresh effective solutions which ease the pain of implementation and help maintain our position as a leading audit firm.

With over 20 years in FPM, the clients I have worked with are diverse and complex, and the list of projects I have been involved in, even more so. I meet with my clients regularly to discuss many things and offer practical, common sense advice to help their business grow. Whether it’s a technical question, investigating an abnormality, applying a new technical standard or scoping an internal audit project. By looking at my client’s problems through their eyes, means I can ask the right questions to quickly spot the risks or opportunities and formulate the right solution.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Having three active kids who are very involved in various sporting clubs takes up most of my time outside of work. I have always had a love for competitive sport and as a result am very involved in their clubs. As a family we are active in our local church and get involved in the children’s work.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Do something you love! We can all have a bad day but if you’ve given it your all, you can be happy at the end of the day.

What drives you?

Learning something new which makes you wiser and better at your job is a great motivator. But taking it one step further, the chance to pass on this knowledge to the younger generation and watch them grow, develop and mature as professionals, makes the job worthwhile. The more you give, the more you get!

Michelle Hawkins | Head of Advisory

Michelle Hawkins

Partner |BA FCA |

What is your job role?

Everything I do is fuelled by my top priority, to help clients operate their business efficiently and maximise their return by bringing clarity of thought to a situation, solving a problem and delivering the most results-focused solution.

Supporting clients with compliance related matters such as audit, statutory financial reporting and tax is just the beginning – the real fun starts with the strategic advisory work that I do. This is where listening to my clients truly reaps benefits, as I am able to think freely and introduce refreshing ideas knowing that I understand their circumstances and point of view.

In my role as Partner, my time is divided between strategic planning and fundraising for our growth clients; offering solutions for our cross-border clients; advising on corporate transactions, valuations, financial modelling and reporting for our merger and acquisition clients; and assessing public sector grant applications, preparing business cases, economic appraisals and evaluations for everyone else.

From 28 years advising clients, my portfolio is vast and varied and ranges from family businesses, where I assist in the preparation of business plans, chair management meetings, secure financial incentives, monitor performance, succession plan and provide general business advisory. To the other spectrum in which I support Inward Investment companies and liaise with Government agencies on their behalf, prepare business plans and secure significant grant incentives, provide outsourcing services and streamline their set up on the Island of Ireland, North and South.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I am a mother of three and have always volunteered at my local Gaelic Club which provides a great social network for our youth and instills the importance of hard work and teamwork to achieve a positive outcome.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Always treat people in the way that you would wish to be treated – both career advice and life advice!

What drives you?

Helping clients to achieve the results that they desire, keeps me doing what I do. My aim is to help companies succeed in business which sometimes involves challenging their views and expectations and steering them in the right direction to reach their goals. Frequently these goals include one or all of the following – to make more money, to have peace of mind or to be more efficient and have more time for family life.

Seamas Keating

Partner |FABRP. FCA |

What is your job role?

I have a varied role as a Partner in both our Restructuring and Recovery Department and Forensic Division.

As a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner in both the UK and Ireland, I have acted on a significant number of corporate insolvency appointments across various sectors. Also acting on numerous IVAs, I have developed a niche offering utilising voluntary arrangements as a mechanism to facilitate the restructure of large property investors and developers in Northern Ireland. This has proved to be an excellent tool used to positively resolve complex property situations for both individual debtors and their lenders alike.

I take a considered and pragmatic approach to finding innovate solutions to complex insolvency issues, to achieve the best outcome for companies, stakeholders and individual in financial distress. Only using formal insolvency procedures where needed, I am proud of my track record in achieving survival of a business and the continued income stream of the individual.

In my capacity as Forensic Accountant, I have acted as an expert witness on a vast range of cases, from commercial disputes, loss of earnings, valuations to matrimonial disputes. Acting for both claimants and defendants alike I lead an experienced, multi-disciplined team in a range of complex and specialist assignments. By taking a ‘hands-on’ role in cases, I am able to give much more effective and credible evidence. I take my credibility as a witness very seriously and as a result am often recommended by solicitors and barristers for my ability to explain complex accounting issues in a straightforward manner.

What interests do you have outside of work?

First and foremost, I have three young children who keep me busy outside of work. Additionally, I have a keen interest in sport. I enjoy keeping active by playing indoor soccer and attending the gym and am also involved with my local football club.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

As a trainee accountant, I was once advised to “never assume anything” which is very relevant as a Chartered Accountant specialising in Insolvency and Forensic Accounting.

What drives you?

Solutions! I am a problem solver at heart and love nothing more than formulating an effective solution to complex situations. Understanding the challenges and issues of business owners and individuals alike, I look to mediate and find mutually beneficial resolutions. By looking beyond the problem to the commercial and practical issues, I am able to deliver solutions in the interests and needs of all parties involved.

Stephen Smyth Virtual Finance Function

Stephen Smyth

Partner |BSc (Econ), FCCA |

What is your job role?

Utilising my 25 years experience in audit & accounting, finance and operations management within both the public accounting and commercial sectors, my role at FPM is to drive the Virtual Finance Function on the island of Ireland. Combined with the existing reputation of the firm for providing top level client service, I am confident a best in class VFF offering will be a successful addition to our suite of services offered. VFF gives clients access to a team of finance professionals who see themselves as being part of your team and are committed to delivering the data, expertise and advice required to drive your company forward.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Outside of work, I am married with two teenage children, I spend a lot of time walking with my wife and the family dog. I’m a big sports fan in general and will usually grab any opportunity for a game of golf or catch a football match if I can. I was until recently the treasurer of the Irish Canadian Immigration Centre in Toronto and am open to taking on another Not For Profit role now I’m back in Ireland.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

On the day I qualified, I was told by a partner that good qualified accountants were a dime a dozen and that it would be personality and the relationships built along the way that would determine my success. I’ve never forgotten that and I am certain the positive attitude I’ve taken to both work and dealing with clients and colleagues has been a huge factor in why I’ve enjoyed going to work each day and enjoyed each challenge I’ve faced along the way.

What drives you?

I’m all about quality of work and quality solutions. There is nothing more rewarding than exceeding a clients expectations by providing a level of service they haven’t received in the past or developing a unique solution to an issue that’s personal to them and their business. This is how I approach each and every interaction I have. Seeing other people happy makes me happy, whether that be a client or my wife or one of my kids, I know I’m on the right track!

Ciara Reilly

Director | |

What is your job role?

I’m the accountant for the accountants!

As the Internal Finance Director within FPM, my role is to oversee our organisation’s daily operations and procedures, which includes everything from internal accounts and management information insights required to empower the firm’s strategic decisions and direction, to managing the day to day facilities of an exciting and exuberant business.

Having started my career and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with FPM back in 1993, I returned to the firm in 2018 following 18 years in Industry as Head of Corporate Services and then CEO of leading charities in Northern Ireland. This has given me the pleasure of seeing the firm evolve from being a small practice of approximately 20 partners and staff to an industry leading independent firm and I’m proud to have played a part in its development.

Whilst my role has changed over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the firm go from strength to strength and supporting both clients and internal teams along the way.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Having worked within the charity sector for 18 years, I believe we have our own part to play in our local communities, ensuring charities provide maximum impact.

For me, that is in the form of Treasurer of Newry & Mourne Swimming Club and a Board of Governor for a local Primary School with specific responsibility for Special Educational Needs. I am also part a local walking group who regularly explore the mountains and have travelled together around Europe.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Never be afraid to ask questions, learn from your mistakes, always try to add value and contribute to the community that you live in.

That’s four for the price of one!

What drives you?

I enormously enjoy my work and the team spirit within FPM. Working with such professionals who want to make a difference to colleagues, clients and the community is a real joy and has helped us as a team achieve great things, as we drive the business forward every day.

Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell

Partner |BA(Hons) FCA |

What is your job role?

As Partner of the firm I combine the responsibility with growing and developing the Dublin office and cross border consultancy. I deal with a variety of clients, the majority of which are family owned SME’s companies on the Island looking to grow in international markets. The clients are largely based in the Food and Agri sector, construction, manufacturing, passenger travel and life science sectors.

Each day brings different challenges which requires developing an intimate knowledge of the client’s businesses in order to provide advice and opinion to steer the business in the correct direction.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I chair the Board of Creative Spark, which is a non-profit incubation and social development business which aims to assist SME businesses and Entrepreneurs in the creative and Technology sectors grow and develop.

I chair the Kilbroney Common Land Trust, which is a non-profit trust that is responsible for managing members who are grazing livestock on common land.

I manage Under Age football teams in my local GAA Club

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Two actually..

My Father – The pen is easier carried than the trowel.

My first client as a Trainee Chartered Accountants – Your first lost is your best, the worst decision you can make is to make no decision at all.

What drives you?

I want to create a legacy practice that survives long after me. Staff and Clients are equally critical to delivering this. We must make every moment count to empower staff to understand the client business, and work in partnership with them to deliver their hopes and dreams. We have a team in FPM that is not only delivering the Vision but walking it. Seeing the team working together living our values is extremely rewarding.

Whilst we work hard, it is important that we don’t lose site of the important things in life and having both the right work life balance alongside having the time to get to to know each other’s spouses and families, outside of the working environment. We have a great family ethos in the firm and with this wider team we celebrate our success.

Malachy McLernon Head of Corporate Tax

Malachy McLernon

Partner |FCA, CTA, BA Hons |

What is your job role?

I am a Partner within FPM and Head of Corporate and Indirect Tax across the entire AAB Group. It is my honour to lead our award-winning Cross Border Tax Team (as recognised by Irish and UK accounting industry peers in 2022 and 2018) who find innovative tax solutions for clients and support a wide range of owner managed family businesses, including some of the largest businesses across the island of Ireland and the UK.

Clients come to us for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s to sound off ideas, fine tune actions, or contribute to their wider strategic vision. Over the past 25 years, it has been my privilege to listen, be responsive to their needs, challenge their thinking and provide smart solutions. Exceeding client expectations is a target I set every day. At the heart of successfully designing a smooth, seamless client experience sits a deep awareness of clients’ needs and expectations. It is the core that enables me to navigate the path between being bold and imaginative, and working through the realities of the current constraints – combining awareness, imagination and perseverance is key to success.

What interests do you have outside of work?

As a Chartered Accountant, Tax Advisor and Past Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Tax, I am often asked to speak at conferences covering a broad range of topics from tax strategy, to client servicing, to technical updates. In recent years, this has included presenting at conferences in the UK, Ireland and Internationally.

Outside of my professional career, I am a husband, father of four and avid sportsman, so it’s a rare day that I have any spare time on my hands.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Listen to learn. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

The only way to be able to give the best advice is to know the situation, fully.

Through listening, asking the right questions and understanding, my goal is to help clients make better informed decisions.

What drives you?

I enjoy the challenge – the constantly changing tax rules, the complexity and the political rhetoric from HMRC and the Revenue Commissioner, who make Tax an interesting space to work in!

Two things in life are certain – no one likes paying taxes, but everyone has to. The question is, How much? Taxation can be a major cost to businesses and it is a pleasure of mine to work alongside clients, quickly identify their key issues and exposures and provide a positive and commercial solution to minimise tax and help clients achieve their key objectives.

Debbie Mullen

Director |BsC ACA |

What is your job role?

I am a Director in accounts and audit. I deal with a variety of clients throughout a range of business sectors and as an auditor my focus is to provide them with the assurance that instils confidence in their systems, procedures and financial information. Clients need to be certain that the accounts they receive are robust, reliable and transparent and it is my job to deliver this and help them understand what works and what doesn’t!

This enables me to build significant business relationships and deliver a value-added service. My role also allows me to develop and empower other members of staff which I am very passionate about. By developing our staff, this helps us deliver the best service to our clients.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Believe it or not, I am busier outside of work than in work! I have two young children which take up all my time. As a working mummy, it is vitally important for me to spend as much quality time with them as possible to ensure I don’t miss any important milestones!

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Be nice – manners cost nothing.

What drives you?

As a Director in FPM, I am driven by the satisfaction I get from helping others succeed. I enjoy sharing my experience with other colleagues to enable them to excel in their roles and progress in their careers. I am also driven by my responsibility to my clients.

I aim to advise clients to the best of my ability so that they can achieve their business goals and ambitions and I love to feel part of that successful journey. With FPM, I feel that our client service and caring attitude allows me to drive forward every day.

Shane Martin

Tax Director |

What is your job role?

As a Director within the Tax Team with overall responsibility for Innovation Taxes, I understand that innovation can completely transform a business. I encourage a holistic approach to innovation and consider all commercial and tax matters including project management, technical support, R&D grants, R&D tax credit claims and patent box claims.

I also work within the wider tax team to advise our clients on a range of tax consultancy projects including company restructures, capital gains planning, capital allowances planning, statutory and non-statutory clearance applications and Revenue enquiry work.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I currently sit on the CIOT Northern Ireland Committee. I am actively involved in the community currently sitting on the Board of a local Community Association, on the Finance Committee for my local Parish as well as being a coach for local Gaelic and Soccer teams.

I have 2 boys that keep me very busy with their various training sessions and matches that need to be attended on a weekly basis.

I enjoy going to the gym and taking walks in the mountains with my wife, our 2 boys and dog.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Don’t waste time worrying about the things that you cannot change, focus on the things you can.

What drives you?

I enjoy the challenge of helping clients navigate the complex world of tax.  To use a common phrase ‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’. However, the everchanging tax landscape dictates otherwise.  I take great pleasure in working as part of a highly skilled and dedicated team to deliver solutions to the numerous issues our clients face in running their businesses.

Aveen McShane

Director |FCA BSc |

What is your job role?

I am a Director within FPM and a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland. I assume a lead role within FPM’s Business Advisory Team, supporting clients across the island for over 15 years, in achieving their growth aspirations.

Recognising the need for and prevalence of sustainability practices in business as the world races to Net Zero, I successfully studied Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University and completed Chartered Accountants Ireland’s Certificate in Sustainability Strategy, Risk and Reporting. I now head up ESG both within FPM and externally, helping clients with their sustainability journey.

My role is challenging but very rewarding because I have the opportunity to witness businesses grow far past their expectations, both in local and export markets. The key – I like to think I have developed a partnership with my clients, steering them to be very results focused, seize new opportunities, all while helping them overcome complexities, funding and key exposures facing growth companies and privately-owned businesses.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Family keeps me busy outside of work but I do try to do my bit for the community.

Prior to their reorganisation, I was the treasurer of Cruse Bereavement Care (Southern Area) playing an active role on the management committee for several years.

I now volunteer with the local football club, assisting them with their strategy for the future and I also support with funding / grant applications.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Business is all about relationships – network and seize opportunities.

What drives you?

Helping clients succeed and support them to achieve their goals and aspirations for the future. If they achieve their goals, this adds to the success of my career.

Ashok Thomas

Director |ACA, BCom (Accountancy & Finance) |

What is your job role?

My role is to work collaboratively with clients, think outside the box and make the complex simple!

I help clients achieve successful business outcomes regardless of how challenging they are! This could be through helping clients acquire or sell their business, assisting clients in re-organisation or transformational projects, feasibility studies on large projects, attending mediations for corporate financial dispute resolution or commercial appraisals for governmental agencies.

I started my career with Deloitte India and subsequently moved to KPMG Deal Advisory and PKF Kuwait before joining FPM in May 2017. Although I specialise in M&A transaction support and valuations, I work on a wide variety of business advisory engagements including preparation of business plans, financials models, inward investment assistance, business succession planning, economic appraisals and forensic assignments. I am fortunate to work with smart, talented and value driven colleagues on many interesting client engagements.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Hiking in the Mourne mountains or an intense game of badminton.


What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Give every day your very best and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

What drives you?

What drives me the most is the incredibly fulfilling relationships that we build with our clients as we learn, grow and work together.

Caroline Preston

Senior Marketing Manager |

What is your job role?

I have worked in the accountancy sector for most of my professional career, managing thriving multisite offices, organising some of Ireland’s busiest and most impressive Directors and mentoring a team devoted to delivering an exceptional FPM client experience.

But in 2018 I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime and I couldn’t refuse – to head up FPM’s Marketing Team. So, I jumped head-first into my new role, and it has given me some of the most exciting and memorable moments of my career!

What interests do you have outside of work?

As Mummy of 2 and an active member of my church and local community, I have very little time to twiddle my thumbs and that’s the way I like it.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

The words of Baz Luhrmann’s well known 90’s classic, a mantra that has been on repeat in my life from a young age – ‘Do one thing every day that scares you’

I want to be able to look back in 20, 30, 40 years and be sure that I pushed the boundaries and made the most of every possibility.

Being Uncomfortable is the new Comfortable!

What drives you?

I am privileged to work with many talented people here at FPM, and it is my honour to champion them at any given opportunity and tell the world of the benefits of partnering with FPM, because I get to see them first hand and hear directly from our clients about their impressive business journeys and the FPM solutions delivered.

Rachel post

Rachel Post

International ESG Specialist |

What is your job role?

I have a relatively new role within FPM and the AAB Group as a Sustainability Specialist, helping companies improve their efforts on environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG). Prior to joining FPM, I worked with various non-profits around the world and a boutique sustainability strategy consultancy.

Climate change is dramatically affecting all our lives, so it’s exciting to help companies adapt to this challenge. We have lots of evidence proving companies that invest in sustainability are more profitable and have happier employees. Sustainability isn’t just good for the earth, it’s good for your community and your bottom line.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I love to go hiking and camping with my dog as much as possible. A long walk in the woods, the mountains, or the beach leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge. I’m also a keen knitter and make socks and sweaters in my spare time. But more than anything else, I love to read. Novels, non-fiction, poetry…I devour it all. I usually read between 75-100 books a year. If you need any recommendations for your next book club, let me know.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

The best advice I’ve received may be “actions speak louder than words,” as proven by my parents and grandparents. My father is a farmer and my mother is a retired teacher. They always demonstrated the importance of working hard and ethically, treating people with respect regardless of their title or position, giving back to the community, and trying to leave the world a little better than you found it. I do my best every day to live up to their example.

What drives you?

I was raised in upstate New York, which is the home of the indigenous Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Iroquois Nation). The Haudenosaunee believe in the Seventh Generation principle – that the actions we take today should benefit the welfare and wellbeing of those born seven generations in the future. My passion to help business transform and become more sustainable comes from this philosophy.

Caroline Butler

Director |CTA, ACCA |

What is your job role?

I am a Director here at FPM and have the privilege of leading our award-winning Irish Tax Team from our North Dublin office, which provides a full range of Irish tax planning and compliance services to both personal and corporate clients across an extensive variety of sectors, everything from agriculture to construction. We work very closely with our talented cross-border tax team, based in Northern Ireland, which gives clients crossing borders and breaking into new markets, instant access to tax expertise in both jurisdictions.

As a Chartered Tax Advisor of the Irish Taxation Institute since 2004, I have relished the opportunity to work with a large portfolio of clients, supporting them in the areas of succession, inheritance and tax planning, property tax incentives, business re-structuring and company start-ups. I also advise clients on dealing with VAT and RCT issues affecting individuals, businesses, government bodies and not-for-profit organisations.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I am currently busy raising a young family and I am involved to varying degrees with their sporting and musical hobbies.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

From my mother, education is never wasted, but follow your own path, not someone else’s.

What drives you?

Simple! The opportunity to support client growth and success by gaining an in-depth understanding of their underlying business, trading patterns and the constantly changing regulatory and financial environment that it trades in. Pulling all that apart, deciphering the tax position, and putting it all back together, to provide Tax Solutions that clients can rely on.

I want to look back on my career journey with great pride, remembering the impact and support I offered clients and colleagues.

Seamus McElvanna explaining what is the basis period reform for 2023

Seamus McElvanna

Senior Manager |

What is your job role?

My role is to ensure our UK personal tax clients receive the highest quality compliance service possible. I am blessed to be supported by a very capable and enthusiastic team who share these aims.

As Senior Tax Manager and “Lean Practitioner” with 30 years’ experience as a technically trained Inspector of Taxes in HM Revenue & Customs, I lead FPM’s UK Tax Investigation Service, offering robust practical support when things go wrong by resolving HMRC enquiries into clients’ personal tax affairs, which range from basic aspect compliance checks to full civil enquiries.

Striving to assist on a personal and technical level, at what can be a very distressing experience for clients, I also maintain constructive relationships with key members of the local HMRC Inspectorate, ensuring professional etiquette is always maintained.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Life outside work is varied, to say the least!

I am a member of the finance committee of my local hurling club and on the other spectrum I have a small beef farm which keeps me sane and play music on a semi-professional basis in a small band.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Don’t panic when things go wrong. This applies both in business and personal life. In my experience a problem shared often delivers solutions.

What drives you?

Working with great people and delivering exceptional tax solutions. Tax is such a varied and at times challenging sphere to work in. It has been my privilege to play a part in the development of FPM’s award-winning tax team, ensuring staff remain at the forefront of the changing world of tax policy.

Kathryn Mussen People and Culture Officer at FPM

Kathryn Mussen

People & Culture Officer |


All team members from all departments.


I build strong relationships internally and externally with the key objective of supporting the development of our team members. My key areas of focus are Learning and Development, Early Careers Recruitment, Employee Relations, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Experience.


Here at FPM we take TEAM and CULTURE seriously, as we believe our people to be our greatest strength in providing clients with an exceptional service.

As People & Culture Officer within FPM, it is my pleasure to work alongside and support the incredibly talented individuals who make up Team FPM, while at all times enhancing and building upon the FPM culture which attracts, retains, develops and rewards the very best talent and provides them an environment which helps unlock their full potential and inspires them to be more than accountants, rather Caring Business Advisors, who make a difference to clients, colleagues and the wider community.


People are my passion and it is such an honour to work in a space that makes a difference to people’s lives, challenging and empowering them to be realise their full potential.

In my opinion, there is nothing more rewarding than watching someone grow, develop and excel in their chosen career and being part of that journey.

Jarlath Devlin_Senior Tax Manager_Inheritance Tax

Jarlath Devlin

Senior Manager |


I provide assistance to individuals and trusts.


With over 35 years of experience in the Inheritance Tax Compliance Team for HMRC, I have developed a deep understanding of the responsibilities and obligations required by HMRC. Drawing on my expertise, I advise clients on best practices and help them navigate the tax compliance process efficiently, saving them time and money.

My expertise lies in assisting with inheritance tax matters and my focus is on trusts and estates, particularly those relating to inheritance tax.

In my role as Senior Manager in the Private Client Tax Team, empathy and sensitivity are paramount as many of my clients are grieving the loss of a loved one. Years of experience in this field have allowed me to approach my clients with professionalism and empathy.


I offer advice to clients on their potential exposure to inheritance tax and provide strategies to mitigate that exposure. I also handle the completion and submission of returns for death estates, address follow-up queries from HMRC, and review wills to suggest alternative or additional wording.


Building trust is essential in my client relationships. Inheritance tax is a sensitive and personal matter, and I strive to establish trust with my clients. I want them to feel comfortable having open and honest conversations with me and know that I am readily available if they have any questions or concerns.

Trust is also important in the workplace. I believe that strong relationships among colleagues create a positive work environment. By leveraging the wealth of expertise within our company, we can deliver desirable and cost-effective outcomes to our clients.


At FPM and AAB, we foster a culture that is supportive yet challenging. With a diverse workforce and a range of specialisms and experience levels, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. Embracing diversity challenges us to consider various opinions, skills, and experiences, making us truly unique in the market.


In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, we aim to stay at the forefront of technology. This empowers our team to provide and maintain the high level of service our clients expect. While virtual communication has its benefits, I believe there will always be a place for in-person meetings, especially in my specialised area where personal connections and trust-building are crucial. Striking the right balance between virtual and face-to-face meetings is key in meeting my clients’ needs.


At FPM, we are rapidly evolving in the field of taxation and finance. As a client-centric and ambitious organisation, we have the ability to attract a new client base and a highly skilled workforce to provide exceptional service. Through amalgamation with industry leaders, FPM has become a market leader in the accountancy and financial sector.

Sarah Jane Murphy

Director |ACA MSc BSc |

What is your job role?

I believe that challenging business owners to ensure they have clear reasoning and objectives as to why they do what they do is an important part of supporting client success. In my capacity as Director in the Audit & Accounts Teams I view my role, in part, as a facilitator to help make sure business objectives are clear, instil good governance and help my clients as their first point of contact on strategic business decisions to achieve their goals.

I manage a diverse portfolio of clients from larger companies to SMEs and owner-managed businesses and provide them with varied technical and practical business support. This includes the production of management information, statutory financial reporting, general business advisory and strategic growth advice. By gaining an in-depth understanding of my clients’ businesses, I work alongside them to help them grow, meet their targets and stimulate them to think beyond the day to day.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Outside of work I like to switch off by having copious amounts of coffee dates, Netflix binges and spending time with people who make me laugh!

I have recently been appointed to sit on the Board of a local charity which I am extremely excited about and the plans for the coming year.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Don’t sit back and wait for it to happen – make it happen!

What drives you?

Working in a fast-paced organisation and being surrounded by a solution-focused team means that you are driven to continuously improve performance.

I strive for client satisfaction. Being able to assist and advise means that you can add value to your clients, helping them achieve not just their business aspirations but also their life-time goals. This brings an immense sense of fulfilment. When a client is happy it makes it all worth while.

Tanya Johnston, Senior Manager in Audit and Accounts

Tanya Johnston

Senior Manager |


I support owner managed businesses, SMEs and individuals.


As a Senior Manager in the Audit and Accounts team, my primary responsibilities revolve around delivering high-quality statutory accounts preparation and ensuring compliance with external audit regulations for clients. I specialise in providing accountancy advice to clients across various industries including manufacturing, construction, aviation, mining, financial services, and hospitality.

My approach is to establish genuine and strong relationships with clients, based on open and effective communication. I strive to become their most trusted advisor, offering not just professional expertise but also personal support in all aspects of their business. I get huge satisfaction from making a difference and assist clients in achieving their objectives while alleviating their concerns.


While technological advances enable easy communication regardless of geographical locations, I believe in adopting a ‘hands-on’ approach whenever possible. I find that being physically present during audit assignments is more productive and allows for a more personal connection with clients. By visiting clients on-site, I can witness first-hand how their business operates and have the opportunity to meet their employees, which further strengthens our relationship.


In the field of audit, the constant evolution of auditing standards presents a significant challenge. It is imperative to stay up to date with these changes to ensure that our audit work aligns with the latest standards. Adapting our audit approach to improve efficiency and effectively communicating these changes to our clients is crucial.

By keeping all parties fully informed, we minimise any potential risk and ensure that we are all on the same page. This proactive approach allows us to navigate through the complexities of changing standards and continue providing high-quality services that meet our clients’ needs.


I believe my greatest strength is my attention to detail. I am committed to providing reliable and trustworthy advice, delivering services in a timely manner, and consistently exceeding client expectations. Building strong client relationships is a key focus for me, and I take pride in receiving positive feedback from clients, knowing that my work has made a difference and that I have developed meaningful connections with them.


There is a common misconception that audit work is about finding mistakes and errors to ridicule clients, which is far from the truth. It is clear to see the anxieties new clients may have about the audit process and I strive to help them overcome these fears. By being personable, approachable, and actively involved in our clients’ businesses, I aim to create a collaborative and supportive environment that is beneficial for everyone involved.

Emma McGeary - Audit Manager

Emma McGeary

Audit Manager |


I provide services to a wide range of clients, including small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large corporates, and international groups.


My focus is on offering comprehensive audit and assurance services. I specialise in supporting clients in various sectors, such as manufacturing, engineering, recruitment, retail, haulage, and cold storage.


Emma McGeary, a Manager within our Audit team, handles a diverse portfolio of audit assignments. Her expertise spans from owner-managed businesses to larger groups with international subsidiaries. She serves clients from various sectors, including manufacturing and engineering. Emma is particularly passionate about nurturing and training junior members of staff.


I believe that building strong client relationships requires understanding, open communication, and mutual respect. It is crucial for us to ensure that our clients feel valued and supported.

Our clients rely on us to leverage our experience and expertise to provide high-quality solutions, meet deadlines, and maintain confidentiality. They trust us to understand their needs and deliver outcomes that contribute to their success. I believe that caring about our clients’ businesses as much as they do is an essential aspect of our service.

The most rewarding part of working with clients is not merely meeting their requirements, but also offering valuable insights and solutions to challenges they may not have considered previously. This approach helps us establish long-lasting relationships based on trust and effective communication.


The audit sector faces several challenges, including increased regulatory scrutiny, evolving technology, complex data, and employee retention. At FPM, we respond to these challenges by continuously investing in cutting-edge technology and software, enhancing training programs, and fostering the ongoing professional development of our team. Our positive and enthusiastic approach allows us to attract top talent to our team.


Our strength lies in the diversity of our skills, backgrounds, interests, and approaches. I believe in challenging assumptions, embracing different perspectives, and celebrating diversity.

At FPM, respect and trust form the foundation of all relationships, be it with our colleagues or our clients. Acknowledging that everyone has their strengths, and by leveraging our collective expertise, we can provide the highest quality service. Welcoming new ideas and innovative approaches, I believe considering every opinion as valuable.


A positive attitude and openness to change is essential in a dynamic and evolving business environment. Additionally, the team at FPM pride ourselves on being “people-persons,” investing in building connections with both our colleagues and clients. This allows us to create a better work environment at FPM and effectively meet our clients’ needs.


Auditors often face the stereotype of being solely focused on finding problems or catching people out. However, at FPM, we strive to change this perception. Our aim is to provide peace of mind and clarity, focusing on supporting our clients rather than creating obstacles.

It is gratifying when a client expresses surprise and says, “you’re not the type of person I expected as an auditor!” I believe in breaking the stereotype that accountants or auditors are boring and instead aim to deliver engaging and valuable services.


I am excited about the growth plans of the FPM and the whole AAB Group, which bring new opportunities and possibilities for collaboration. I understand that providing the best services to our clients requires taking care of our employees and considering the wider community. At FPM, we prioritise the bigger picture, not just the end result.

Lauren Quinn

Administration Manager |

What is your job role?

My role is varied, fast-moving, but above all, interesting. In my capacity as Events Lead within FPM, I am responsible for taking the thought leadership which oozes out of our staff and translating this into engaging events or online content that inspires businesses and keeps them up to date with all the latest topical issues, major risks, future challenges and strategic initiatives.

Aimed at connecting the leading business minds on the Island of Ireland, it has also been my pleasure to assist our MD in the organisation of FPM’s annual and hugely popular flagship leadership event, which provides an opportunity for audiences to hear and learn from some of the world’s most renowned and interesting business influencers.

In 2018 I was honoured to take on the role of Personal Assistant to our MD, Feargal McCormack, during his appointment as President of Chartered Accountants Ireland. To me, providing one-to-one support is more than just a job. I genuinely care about providing the best possible service at all times and always try to pull out all the stops to deliver.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Outside of work I love to holiday to far off beaches and experience new cultures. Closer to home I devote my time to family and friends, while also being involved in my local community club and charities.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.’ A brilliant piece of advice from Steve Jobs

What drives you?

Every day is different here in FPM with new challenges and opportunities. I love working with dedicated and enthusiastic colleagues who inspire me to do my best every day. It’s more than just a team here, it’s a family!

Tanya O’Hare

Manager |MIATI BA Hons |

What is your job role?

I’m in the business of giving peace of mind to even the most distressed individuals or companies in financial difficulty, by relieving the pressure of negotiating with third parties and helping them to regain control of their finances.

As a manager within our Restructuring and Recovery Department, we have provided countless formal and informal debt solutions and aided debtors back to solvency across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK by offering a range of personalised options through licenced Irish and UK practitioners.

By listening, asking the right questions and understanding our clients’ needs from the get go, we offer a practical and effective way forward, whether your company is looking to restructure or cease trading, an individual facing insolvency, or a creditor needing support to recover debts.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy spending time catching up with family and friends. I take a keen interest in Pilates, reading and GAA.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

‘Always trust your gut instinct’ and ‘communication is key to a successful career.’

What drives you?

Helping others is one of my main motivations in life whether that be in relation to our clients or within the team. Finding solutions to problems and overcoming daily challenges to reach a successful outcome is what motivates me to get up in the morning.

Ciara McKee Audit Manager at FPM

Ciara McKee

Audit Manager |


I assist owner-managed businesses, small and medium companies, and international groups.


I provide external audit compliance, preparation of statutory accounts, and accounting advice for a range of sectors, including construction, health, recycling, and manufacturing.


In my role, as manager within our Audit and Assurance Team at FPM, I lead a range of audit and assurance services for a diverse portfolio of clients and ensure that the audit process is efficient and tailored to meet clients’ needs. I believe that a strong client relationship is based on mutual trust and respect.

At FPM, our people-focused approach emphasises open and honest communication. I aim to be available to my clients whenever they need advice and support. Getting to know my clients beyond the audit process strengthens our relationship and fosters trust.


One of the most rewarding aspects of working with clients is witnessing their passion and dedication to their goals. I take pride in following their success stories. Contrary to the misconception that auditing is burdensome, clients who have worked with us have seen the positive impact we bring to their businesses. Our goal is to provide an efficient and robust audit while offering advice and support for improvement.


Advancements in technology have allowed us to offer quality audit services virtually. While it is now feasible to complete an entire audit without meeting the client in person, face-to-face conversations provide a more effective platform for discussions and give us a visual understanding of the day-to-day operations of a business. Though technology provides flexibility in client meetings, our personal touch when meeting face-to-face truly enhances the service we provide.


At FPM, we value mutual respect and trust, irrespective of individuals’ positions within the organisation. I firmly believe in a collaborative approach to work and the importance of knowledge sharing in growing and succeeding together. At FPM, there is a strong culture of sharing and collaboration.


FPM and the AAB Group are continuously evolving and expanding. I am thrilled to see where we expand next and the new services we can offer to our ever-growing client base.

Mark McCluskley Senior Tax Manager

Mark McCluskey

Senior Tax Manager |


I specialise in providing tax services to High-Net-Worth Individuals, Owner-Managed Businesses, Partnerships, Globally Mobile Individuals and Individuals moving to and from Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom to Ireland and the European Union.


I offer a wide and varied range of services to assist my clients in managing their finances and tax obligations. These services include Self-Assessment, Income tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Tax Planning, Business Succession, Restructuring, Efficient Remuneration, Property Disposals and Pension Annual Allowance / Pension Savings Charge.


I am a Senior Tax Manager at FPM, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT). I work with clients north and south of the Irish border, where I primarily assist High Net Worth Individuals who face cross-border tax issues between the UK and Ireland.

In addition to tax compliance, I also undertake tax advisory projects such as business succession and Inheritance Tax planning. While my specialisation lies in Personal Tax, I have experience in other areas, including Corporation Tax.


For me, a successful client relationship is built on mutual trust. Clients should trust that I possess the expertise required to manage their tax affairs. This ranges from annual tax compliance to providing advice on complex tax planning exercises that will benefit future generations.

Personal tax matters can have a significant impact, and clients expect me to treat their issues with the same level of care and attention that I would give to my own tax affairs. Prompt and confident action is essential to give them peace of mind that their affairs are in order.


I have the privilege of working with exceptional clients who are leaders in their respective fields. Being entrusted with their tax affairs is both gratifying and humbling.

Most of my successful clients credit their achievements to having a strong team supporting them. By collaborating with my colleagues at FPM, many of whom are experts in their own right, we enhance the services we can offer. This allows us to identify and resolve complex issues, providing our clients with optimal solutions.


While advancements in technology have brought about efficiency improvements in tax and accounting, there is still immense value in personal interaction. Phone conversations and face-to-face meetings remain crucial for urgent or complex discussions with clients. It is important to keep up with technology but never lose sight of the significance of a personal touch.


I believe my greatest strength lies in my diligence. I take pride in being an honest and hardworking tax professional who firmly upholds the principle of fairness, especially in tax matters. When assisting clients with their tax returns or addressing issues, I strive to ensure they only pay the amount of tax required, not a penny more.


One of my clients, a sole-trader, approached me to help complete their Self-Assessment tax return within a tight deadline in order to secure a mortgage for their first home. After successfully completing the task, I received a heartfelt Thank You card expressing gratitude for my assistance in making their dream home a reality.

To this day, I keep the card by my desk as a reminder that our work has a tangible impact on the everyday lives of our clients, even though tax returns can sometimes feel burdensome.

Claire McCallion

Senior Manager |BSC |

What is your job role?

The focus of my work is to provide small to medium sized owner-managed businesses, as well as individuals, guidance and support, which allows them to concentrate on running their businesses.

Whether a client needs assistance in meeting their compliance obligations, wants advice on reducing costs, improving profits and minimising tax bills, or is striving to make efficiencies, the knowledge I have gained from being in practice since 2007 and working closely with a large portfolio of clients, across a variety of different businesses and sectors allows me to give the help and advice they need.

In my capacity as Senior Manager and operational lead of our Mallusk Team, I have the privilege of working with a team who strive to provide clients with an excellent service and ensure they are comfortable in the knowledge that their affairs are in safe hands.

I am also part of FPM’s Digital Advisory Team. Utilising my extensive experience of Sage, Xero, QuickBooks and Receipt Bank, I am able to advise clients on how best to automate their accounting process, achieving considerable efficiencies for clients by transforming their book-keeping systems and back office operations.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Being an active member and giving back to my local community is hugely important to me. Therefore, I spend much of my time outside of work, supporting community groups and charities in any way I can.

Whether this be through leading FPM in the 2019 Action Cancer Shop Challenge, or as Chairperson of my children’s school PTA and Officer at their Girl’s Brigade or as a fundraising member of The Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, the goal is always the same, to get involved and make a difference!

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi

What drives you?

Delivering valuable and practical advice to clients that benefits their business gives me great satisfaction. Most people believe their accountant will simply look after their annual accounts and tax compliance, but this is only a small portion of what an accountant should be doing. I strive to go beyond clients’ expectations by truly understanding their business and delivering solutions which will maximise their success.

Gareth McMullan, Audit Manager

Gareth McMullan

Audit Manager |


I primarily assist small owner-managed businesses in various industries across Northern Ireland.


As a Manager in the Audit and Assurance department, I am responsible for delivering statutory accounts and audit engagements to a wide and varied portfolio of clients. I offer audit and assurance services, prepare statutory accounts, and provide year-round advice and support. I specialise in supporting businesses in the construction, engineering, manufacturing, haulage, and services sectors.

"I believe in getting to know clients on a personal level, while providing them with a strong and high-quality service."

Maintaining a professional yet relaxed relationship with clients is important to me. I believe in open communication and getting to know clients on a personal level, while providing them with a strong and high-quality service. I ensure compliance deadlines are met and offer relevant and practical advice when needed.


Understanding clients’ businesses and witnessing their passion and enthusiasm for growth is the most satisfying aspect of my work. Collaboration with colleagues at FPM and within the AAB group enables us to provide the best possible service and support to our clients. We prioritise teamwork and supporting each other’s skills development.


At FPM, we are known for being disruptive and challenging the norm. We constantly strive to improve processes and deliver better results for our clients. We are open to being challenged and value different perspectives, ultimately ensuring the highest quality service every time.


Technology is a valuable tool that enhances the efficiency of our work and the service we offer clients worldwide. However, face-to-face interactions remain crucial for building strong relationships and truly understanding our clients’ needs. Virtual channels have also facilitated seamless collaboration between different office locations, fostering a supportive and cohesive team environment.


My greatest strength lies in my positive attitude and solution-oriented mindset. I aim to bring a fresh approach to audit, debunking the perception that auditors are difficult or unnecessary costs. By meeting regulatory requirements in a collaborative and friendly manner, we provide valuable services to our clients.


I am thrilled to witness the growth and development of the diverse range of clients I work with. FPM and the AAB Group are both reputable brands with a strong market presence, ensuring exciting projects and engagements for our teams. We are all eagerly looking forward to what the future holds for us.

Ruth Emery

Senior Manager |CIMA GCMA |

What is your job role?

As a Senior Manager supporting two thriving departments within FPM, I wear a few different ‘hats’ in the firm and life is far from boring!

The majority of my time is spent in FPM’s award-winning tax team, where I oversee a payroll bureau servicing more than 300 payroll clients. I also look after a diverse portfolio of 200 personal tax clients. If this doesn’t keep me busy, I am also a member of FPM’s Charity Department, advising a wide range of not-for-profit organisations on specialist audit, accounting and taxation issues, typical to the sector, with comprehensive and compliant solutions.

My mission to add value to my tax and charity clients, stems from 17 years’ industry experience as the Finance Manager of a leading homeless charity in Northern Ireland with a turnover of £8.5 million. It was during this time when I saw the difference industry specific designed internal controls and financial procedures make to the success of an organisation, and this has been my goal with clients ever since.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I am an avid traveller. I firmly believe that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and slowly but surely, I am exploring the globe one country at a time. 42 countries down, 153 to go.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” –  the same applies in business!

What drives you?

It can be difficult to stay focused when challenges arise and your determination is tested. I see it on a daily basis in client situations. That’s why it’s vital to know what you’re fighting for, so you remain focused and driven to keep pushing ahead when these challenges arise. For me, this is knowing that I can make a different to client’s situations and help them succeed.

Michael Moore, Business Advisory Services Manager

Mícheál Moore

Business Advisory Services Manager |


I assist owner-managed businesses, family businesses, and SMEs.


I provide business advisory services, audit support, year-end accounts preparation, management accounts, and bookkeeping.


As a Manager in our Business Advisory Services team and an Associate of Chartered Accountants Ireland, I support a wide variety of clients, the majority of which are family-owned SMEs across Northern Ireland and Ireland who possess an appetite for growth in international markets.

My focus? To be an all-rounded business advisor who adds value to clients by making recommendations that improve business performance, increase profits, drive efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately save my clients time and money.


At FPM, we think outside the box and bring a fresh perspective to overcoming obstacles our clients face. We work alongside them as part of their team, aiming to help them achieve their goals and drive business growth and success.


My priority is to build trust with clients and become their most trusted advisor. We pride ourselves on delivering an unmatched service and helping clients grow their businesses through proactive recommendations.


We have adapted to the changing business landscape by utilizing technology that allows us to be flexible and meet clients’ needs, whether in-person or virtually. We strike a balance between utilizing technology advancements to enhance our service and building strong relationships with our clients.


One of my greatest strengths is my determination to work hard and go above and beyond to achieve positive outcomes. I prioritise strong communication and organisation when working with clients. Effective communication enables flexibility when plans change and allows for prompt resolution of any arising issues.


In my specialist area, it is crucial to stay abreast of technology trends and maintain competitiveness in areas such as ESG and corporate governance. While these challenges require continuous learning and skill development, being part of the AAB Group ensures that our clients have access to the collective strength of our team.

Collaboration is vital for success. The AAB Group comprises a diverse team of leading experts. Whether it’s accounting, customs, investigations, R&D, international payroll, or HR, we have experts in all the business-critical fields to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

KellyAnne Murtagh

Senior Manager |ACA, CTA, BSc Hons |

What is your job role?

Having worked across personal and corporate tax, both in the UK and ROI tax markets since 2011, my top priority is to explain the subtleties and nuances of the tax system in a way that is easily understood and provide clients with concise, sound advice based on up-to-date knowledge of tax legislation.

As Senior Tax Manager, I advise new and established businesses, of varying sectors and sizes including those facing cross-border tax issues. Delivering support which goes beyond compliance, I help clients manage their tax affairs and mitigate their risk through proactive planning, structuring advice which aids cross-border mobility, and options to optimise tax savings. I also provide expertise on all aspects of corporation tax, income tax and PAYE.

In addition, as a member of the Innovation Taxes Team, I often find that many businesses innovate unknowingly. I get great satisfaction from helping these businesses identify and claim rewards for such innovation by way of Research and Development tax reliefs.

What interests do you have outside of work?

My community is really important to me and I believe we can make a real difference to it by getting involved! This said, I am Treasurer for Newry Junior Chamber and Assistant Treasurer of my local Lourdes Committee, regularly helping to organise fundraising activities.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

I regularly refer to the Japanese proverb “None of us are as smart as all of us”. This is why when we are developing tax solutions, we not only involve members of the tax team but seek input from specialists throughout FPM. From IT to Data-Mining to Industry experts, this collaborative approach delivers simple solutions to complex problems.

What drives you?

I enjoy playing a part (no matter how big or small) in helping clients, colleagues, family and friends exceed their aspirations, whether it is in providing advice, support, motivation or voicing the hard truths.

A success for one of us is a success for all of us!

Caroline Murphy

Senior Manager |BAAF, FCCA, CTA |

What is your job role?

My role is to navigate you and your business through the complex world of tax. As Senior Tax Manager of FPM’s award-winning Irish tax team, I am responsible for managing Irish personal tax and corporate tax. In short, this includes identifying tax planning opportunities for clients, whether they are an individual or multinational business, and execution of same.

I am also heavily involved in unravelling revenue audits and swiftly engaging with clients and tax authorities to resolve even the most complex Tax Investigations.

It is essential in my role to get a real insight into my client’s business in order to fully understand their needs, particularly the ones they have not yet considered. This is why my mantra with clients is ‘Tell me…’ What are your motivations? What challenges keep you awake at night? Where do you want to be in three, five and ten years? When I have an insight into these areas, that’s when our team can excel with the best strategic tax solutions for each client’s needs.

Alongside this, I will introduce you to FPM’s fantastic team of cross-border and R&D tax specialists, as and when required, to make sure tax saving opportunities are fully explored and compliance obligations are fully met across both jurisdictions. This could include areas such as, substantial innovation reliefs, the most tax efficient way to structure your business ownership, as well as identifying VAT risk and opportunities for cost savings by providing comprehensive tax advice on transactions, ensuring tax leakage is avoided or minimised.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I am actively involved with the North East Business Academy networking group which affords me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other businesses, share ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

20 years ago, my teacher recommended a new course in DKIT, The Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance. Well, am I ever glad I took their advice, as it started me along my career path and has bought me to where I am today, a qualified accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor with the Irish Taxation Institute, who has the pleasure of supporting and advising clients since 2002.

What drives you?

I take great satisfaction from being a part of a client’s business success and to be able to say that I have made a positive difference to their journey.

Niamh McNally FPM Audit Manager

Niamh McNally

Audit Manager |


I provide services to clients of various sizes, including SMEs, large corporates, and international groups across both jurisdictions of the island of Ireland, many of whom are well-known brands, with a reputation for leading their respective industries.


I offer services such as statutory audits, accounts preparation, and consolidations and specialise in industries such as food manufacturing, large-scale property management groups, innovative technology, and entertainment.


As an Audit Manager at FPM, my role primarily focuses on conducting statutory audits for clients ranging from SMEs through to large corporates and international groups. I also handle accounts preparation, consolidations, due diligence engagements, and grant audits.

Throughout the engagement, I keep clients informed every step of the way. This ensures that they understand the process and are comfortable with the progress we are making.


For me, an ideal relationship with clients involves frequent and flowing communication, built on trust and collaboration. I enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level, allowing us to establish a strong connection where they feel comfortable being open and transparent with me.

My goal is always to deliver a high-quality audit that adds value to their business. By nurturing strong relationships, I ensure that our clients trust us to carry out audits efficiently and with minimal disruption. Within the FPM and the wider AAB Group, I work closely with a highly dedicated team to share best practices, knowledge, and experiences, constantly striving for improved efficiency and service delivery.


There is no greater compliment from my clients than knowing that I have added value to their business and made the audit process as straightforward as possible. One of the most satisfying aspects of my work is seeing how clients utilise the information we provide them. By providing a fresh perspective on their business, I aim to be as helpful and efficient as possible, offering insights or takeaways from the audit that can benefit them in the long run. Taking part in our clients’ success journeys is truly rewarding.


I believe that I bring a disruptive mindset to the team by challenging traditional practices, seeking innovative solutions, and introducing new perspectives into my engagements. As part of a tech-enabled business, I have the opportunity to explore advanced technologies such as automation and data analytics, which enhance efficiency and aid in decision-making processes. Developing this disruptive mindset encourages continuous improvement within the team, while keeping us at the forefront of industry advancements.


At FPM, we are a close-knit team that looks out for one another while ensuring that we have enjoyable moments along the way.

Personally, I appreciate working with a team comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. I find it rewarding to train and mentor junior staff, helping them grow and develop. Simultaneously, I value the opportunity to learn and expand my own professional abilities by working alongside colleagues who are experts in their respective fields and possess extensive knowledge.


The stereotype of accountants being introverted, dull, and boring is extremely outdated. At FPM and AAB, we play a critical role in financial analysis, strategic decision-making, and providing insights for business growth. As business advisers, we often need to think creatively to find innovative solutions to address complex financial challenges in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. I see myself as a problem-solver, a critical thinker, and someone who is always eager to learn – there’s nothing dull about that!

Leanne Foster

Senior Manager |FCCA BA Hons Acc |

What is your job role?

In short, my role as Senior Manager within FPM is to help clients in any way possible to improve their business profitability and to make their lives easier in the process. By responding to queries as quickly as possible, I am able to offer clients useful guidance and solutions which enable them to concentrate on running their businesses in the most efficient manner.

18 years in accountancy has provided me with a vast cross-sectoral expertise and understanding of the key issues and regulatory changes affecting businesses. This translates into providing clients, both owner-managed entities and individuals, guidance and support alongside an end-to-end business service for all their accounting and taxation requirements.

Whether a client needs assistance in meeting their compliance obligations, wants advice on future tax planning or is striving to make efficiencies, the knowledge I have gained from working across a variety of different businesses and sectors allows me to give the help and advice they need.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Life outside of work is as active as life inside work. I have a young family and am involved in the local community as Treasurer and Trustee of my local community group, as well as a member of the Board of Governors and the Parent Teacher Association for my local primary school.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Stop Starting and Start Finishing to make sure your time is used in the most effective manner.

What drives you?

Delivering valuable and practical advice to clients that benefits their business brings me great satisfaction – I strive to provide my clients with an excellent service and ensure they are comfortable in the knowledge that their affairs are in safe hands. Central to delivering such a service is FPM’s team ethos and talented people who desire to be the very best the accountancy profession has to offer.

Emma Murphy, Corporate Tax Senior Manager

Emma Murphy

Corporate Tax Senior Manager |


I assist companies of various sizes, from small family-owned businesses to large multinational corporations.


I specialise in corporate tax returns, tax compliance, and capital allowances, providing services to a wide range of sectors.


As a Senior Tax Manager in the Corporate Tax team, my primary responsibility is to ensure that my clients comply with relevant tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements. This includes preparing and reviewing corporate tax returns, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of filings, and addressing any tax compliance issues that may arise. I also provide expert guidance on capital allowances and niche areas such as the Corporate Interest Restriction.


For me, trust, open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect are essential in building an ideal relationship with a client. My aim is to help my clients make informed decisions that can optimise their tax position while minimising risks. I adopt a proactive approach to problem-solving and maintain clear and timely communication. Working with clients to navigate through complex tax rules and finding innovative solutions can be a rewarding journey. I also find it satisfying to make a positive impact on their financial success while building strong professional relationships.


I believe in challenging and questioning existing practices, processes, and norms to drive positive change within an organisation. I encourage my team to express their opinions, ideas, and concerns with confidence as often, they can lead to breakthrough ideas and innovative approaches.


Keeping up with the rapidly changing tax landscape presents the greatest challenge for me. To stay updated, I regularly attend workshops and discussions on the interpretations of the law.


At our firm, we value our employees and invest in their growth and development. This culture enhances employee engagement, job satisfaction, and overall morale, leading to higher levels of productivity and retention.

We foster a supportive and uplifting environment at FPM, where we learn from each other’s expertise and experiences, share knowledge and best practices, and enhance our skills together. I am a true team player and enjoy seeing my colleagues grow and excel within the company.

Jack Langan_ Corporate Finance and Forensics Manager at FPM

Jack Langan

Manager |


I provide assistance to owner-managed SMEs as well as large corporates.


I offer a range of services including M&A lead advisory, financial due diligence, financial modelling, valuations, forensic accounting services, and business advisory.


Based in our Belfast office, I am a Manager within Corporate Finance and Forensics at FPM. In this role, I support the wider team in providing tailored business solutions to a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from owner-managed SMEs to larger corporates.


For me, an ideal client relationship is built on trust and open communication. I strive to go the extra mile by being responsive and addressing any queries in a timely manner. Besides our work together, I enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level.

Clients can always expect professional, informed, and honest work from us. As a full-service practice, we support our clients throughout their entire business lifecycle, adapting to changing regulations and markets while finding innovative solutions to their complex problems.


One aspect I love about my role is meeting new people and learning their stories. We come across talented and interesting individuals in our line of work, from entrepreneurs and investors to company directors. It is a privilege to work with our clients, learning from their expertise while supporting them in achieving their goals.

The same applies to working with colleagues. I feel lucky to be surrounded by knowledgeable and personable team members in FPM and across the AAB Group. We have a great network of expertise and connections in various business units and geographical locations. Moreover, we provide unmatched opportunities within the firm, with excellent mentors and a strong leadership team dedicated to professional and personal growth.


I believe in the power of face-to-face interactions as they allow for deeper connections and more effective collaboration. However, virtual platforms offer advantages such as intra-office collaboration, connecting with overseas investors, and serving clients in different jurisdictions. It’s all about finding the right balance between hands-on and virtual approaches.


Collaboration is something we excel at within our firm. As a full-service practice, we have the expertise across our business units to solve any problem a client might face. If a client presents a challenge that requires specialized knowledge, I can quickly connect them with a trusted colleague who will be equally committed to providing the necessary advice. It’s reassuring to have a great team I can rely on for support.


One of my greatest strengths is problem-solving. I enjoy examining a problem from various angles to identify its root cause and provide solutions that add maximum value for the client. Additionally, I am a good listener and can quickly build relationships with both clients and colleagues.

Ciara Ryan, Corporate Tax Manager at FPM

Ciara Ryan

Corporate Tax Manager |


I provide assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large corporate groups.


I provide comprehensive services in corporate tax compliance and tax advisory for businesses across all sectors. I work closely with the Research & Development (R&D) and Private Client teams, leveraging their expertise to identify and explore various tax planning opportunities.


I am a Manager within the Corporate Tax team at FPM and committed to delivering the very highest standards of corporate tax compliance services to my clients across the island of Ireland, ensuring they remain tax compliant and ahead of the trend on all tax planning opportunities, such as, group reorganisations and tax due diligence.

Building a solid client relationship is essential to me. I believe in establishing trust and effective communication. This involves understanding a businesses goals and delivering exceptional service to exceed their expectations. Constantly providing value and staying in regular contact is crucial in nurturing long-term relationships.


Staying up to date with the ever-changing tax laws is the biggest challenge in the field of tax. To tackle this, our tax department holds regular knowledge sharing meetings where we discuss and address any new changes.

“Collaboration is our superpower” is a top priority at FPM and the AAB Group and as a result is one of our six ‘Values’. By working with colleagues from different teams and offices, we leverage diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives. This allows us to consider a wide range of ideas and solutions, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving.


My greatest strength lies in teamwork. I take pride in working effectively within a team. The tax team across UK and Ireland fosters a sense of collaboration, offering valuable opportunities for knowledge sharing and learning from each other. Additionally, I enjoy working collaboratively with colleagues across various offices and teams.


Accounting is much more than just number crunching. Despite the common misconception, the tax profession involves creativity and problem-solving skills. At FPM, we adopt a commercial mindset to provide innovative solutions and support our clients in their business strategies and financial decision-making.

Nathan Magee Business Advisory Manager

Nathan Magee

Business Advisory Services Manager |


I assist various types of businesses, including start-ups, long-established businesses, sole traders, and limited companies.


I provide a range of services that include annual accounts, management accounts, personal tax, corporation tax, VAT, and business planning. I specialise in providing support to businesses in the following sectors: business services, leisure, retail & hospitality, and construction & property.


I prioritise building strong client relationships based on respect, trust, and honesty. My goal is not only to meet clients’ needs but also to exceed their expectations. Whether that be when providing general compliance work or advice on annual accounts, management accounts, personal tax, corporation tax, VAT and business planning. I invest time in getting to know my clients so that I can provide tailored advice and support.


I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their business aspirations. My focus is not only on the numbers but also on the people and businesses behind them. Seeing my clients’ businesses grow and thrive brings me great satisfaction.


I believe in asking tough questions to bring about the best possible outcome for my clients. As their business advisor, I challenge them to ensure they have the right advice and make informed decisions. I also encourage my clients to ask difficult questions to foster a collaborative relationship.


Clients are at the core of FPM, and I strive to provide them with a lifetime of support. If I don’t have the answer to a question, I tap into the expertise of my talented colleagues within the FPM and the wider AAB Group. This collaborative approach ensures that we can tackle any challenge clients may face and help them achieve their goals.


We leverage technology to collaborate effectively with clients. Whether it’s virtual meetings or in-person consultations, we adapt to clients’ preferences while maintaining a personal touch. Technology enables us to streamline processes and provide efficient services.

Georgina McMullan_FPM Audit Manager

Georgina McMullan

Audit Manager |


I provide assistance to small family-owned businesses in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


As an Audit Manager at FPM, I offer audit and assurance services and assist in the preparation of statutory accounts, providing valuable support to my clients. My services apply to businesses in all sectors.


An essential aspect of a healthy client relationship is trust, open communication, professionalism, collaboration, and delivering quality services that have a positive impact. Each client’s expectations may vary slightly based on their unique business, but clear and concise communication, trust, efficiency, timeliness, and valuable insights are common expectations.


Contributing to successful outcomes for my clients is the most satisfying part of my work. This involves identifying issues, recommending improvements to internal controls, and helping clients comply with regulatory requirements. I also find fulfilment in helping others and passing on my skills to future talent, facilitating their growth and progress within the organisation.

Approachability, willingness to help, organization, and excellent people skills are strengths that support me in various situations.


As an auditor, challenging established norms and processes is crucial, and I am proactive in problem-solving. I tackle challenges head-on to find effective solutions. Being assertive is important to deliver the best possible service with confidence and seize opportunities that have a lasting impact.


While virtual operations offer convenience and streamlined processes, I believe there is great value in working face-to-face with clients. Being physically present adds a personal touch and strengthens the trust and relationship with clients.

Our Values are that of positivity, enthusiasm, and fun, which we strive to implement within the firm. Team bonding events and regular team gatherings over food foster motivation, resilience, and creativity. The wider support network allows the team to seek advice from colleagues and continually learn from one another.


Contrary to the classic stereotype, auditors aim to provide reassurance that accounts are accurate, avoiding fines and helping improve processes. The goal is to make the client’s life easier and let them focus on running their business. It is a significant achievement when clients express their anticipation of working together again, indicating that we bring value and a commercial mindset, rather than searching for faults.


With the rapid growth of the AAB Group, new opportunities and areas of specialisation emerge on the daily. Within the group, there is a world of possibilities, which can overcome any business hurdle.

Joy Beavers Senior Manager in the Private Client Tax Team at FPM

Joy Beavers

Private Client Senior Manager |


I provide assistance to Sole Traders, Partnerships, and High Net Worth Individuals in both the UK and Ireland.


I offer services such as Self-Assessment tax returns, Capital Gains Tax support, Disclosures assistance, and tax consultancy to Private Clients at FPM.


As a Senior Manager within our Private Client Tax Team, I specialise in Personal Tax Compliance across both jurisdictions of Ireland and the UK, assisting clients with their Self-Assessment tax returns, personal tax affairs, tax planning, and Disclosures to HMRC and the Revenue Commissioners.

I am committed to delivering a professional, efficient, and value-added service that surpasses client expectations.


Trust, honesty, and communication are fundamentals in any relationship. By establishing a strong connection with clients, I work closely with them to find solutions to their challenges. Building trust and understanding the clients and their businesses is my top priority.


We prioritise our clients and strive to offer a comprehensive, personalised professional service. With the combined expertise of the team, we can fulfill our clients’ needs and support them in achieving their goals.


One of my greatest strengths is my extensive experience which spans 25 years supporting Private Clients with all their accounting and taxation needs. Throughout my career, I have gained valuable knowledge and expertise in the various areas of taxation. What truly sets me apart is my commitment to involving clients and colleagues in the decision-making process, ensuring their active participation and engagement. Additionally, I pride myself on fostering a friendly and approachable relationship with clients, creating an environment where they feel comfortable discussing their personal tax and business affairs.

The positive feedback from clients about my genuine interest in their affairs motivates me to continue delivering exceptional service.