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30 August 2019

How emerging technologies can support your business

Forward Thinking Business Blog –

In recent times, developments such as cloud computing have made powerful technologies accessible to even the smallest businesses. The Internet and social media are opening up new ways to reach and interact with customers while advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are generating efficiencies and opening up new opportunities in many different sectors.

Already, we can see some of these technologies at work in our daily lives, for example;

  • Google uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help prevent spam landing in your Gmail inbox;
  • Netflix recommends a new series based on what it has learned about you;
  • Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa learn from vast datasets to improve their ability to understand accents and deliver relevant responses to queries;
  • Credit card companies are using advanced technologies to analyse millions of transactions and help detect fraud in real time;
  • Chatbots answer simple queries on websites.

As new technologies open up opportunities to automate routine tasks and save costs, it’s important to choose providers wisely, says Director Teresa Campbell.

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As technologies become more affordable, more and more businesses recognise that they can save costs, achieve better results and improve customer experiences through automation—e.g. by streamlining processes, providing self-service options for common customer enquiries or using data to predict what customers want to do.

Previously on this blog, I looked at examples of how advanced technologies are already impacting in a variety of areas. The robots aren’t just coming—in many instances, they’re already here, releasing employees from repetitive, mundane tasks to focus on more rewarding work that adds real value to the business.

However, with many demands on business resources, it is vital to make a sound business case when investing in new technologies and to have a clear goals for what these technologies can do for your business. Choose providers carefully, focusing on scalable solutions and prioritise protecting your customers’ data. Risks multiply when data is stored, shared or processed by other parties.

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